The mission of Vanquish Air is to empower, enable, and refine national defense air assets to defend our interests for future generations.

Who We Are

Vanquish Air is a Veteran-Minority Owned company, employing among the very best subject matter experts in aerospace defense and engineering & technology.

Vanquish Air was formed as a merger of a long-established flight test company and an adversary air company.  Our pilots and engineers have long worked on bomb and missile testing, and have contributed to National Defense as way of life.


We are honored to have the opportunity to continue to serve our Nation by supporting the development and fielding of advanced flight systems, hardware, and weapons components and systems.


Keeping our defense air assets sharp and prepared for war takes preparation, dedication, and resilience.  Our team engages each and every day to provide the highest level of execution for our defense customers: We serve them because they serve us.

How We Serve

Flight Test & Weapons Development

We perform Developmental and Operational Test services for major weapons acquisition programs.

Engineering Services

We perform prototyping and commercialization of aerospace products, airframe modifications, external carriage assets, and weapons systems.

Adversary Air & Training

We execute programs to develop and sharpen our military flight personnel for the future of national defense.


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